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About our Karate School

Our Traditional Shotokan Karate Program is the longest continually running karate program in the seacoast area. A program of Shotokan Karate training has been offered in the Rochester, NH and surrounding areas for 50 years since 1968.

A direct lineage to and guidance from Japan assures an authentic traditional basis for training, but though our teaching and curriculum is deeply rooted in tradition, our teaching methods are infused with progressive, state of the art innovation.

Our instructors, with over 80 years of combined teaching experience provide the means for our members to develop themselves both physically and mentally through our proven curriculum. This proper karate training is a method of teaching that provides a conduit for students to develop their character; self-discipline, self-control, disciplined and diligent effort toward a goal and harmony with others are traits emphasized and valued through the training.

Our facility is state of the art and features 3000 sq ft of training space and a suspended floor that absorbs shock. Older karate students from all over the world have commented as our hosted seminars that they appreciate how much more forgiving our training floor is on aging joints. We provide training for the entire family and training courses for the full spectrum of health and self-defense concerns.

Our Tiny Tiger Program for children ages 4 – 6 yrs old provides an age appropriate introduction to karate training with an emphasis on orientation for proper behavior and etiquette in a karate atmosphere, dispelling the notion that karate is for learning how to fight, and guiding these young students through basic movement skills in order to develop gross motor and then fine motor function and body control. The teaching environment is one of safe, structured, controlled fun with an aim toward increasing intensity and discipline in order to ready them for mainstream training. Classes currently are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15pm – 5:00pm.

Our Young Warrior Program addresses the issues of members aged 7- 12 yrs. old. Increasing incidence ans risk of bullying, building confidence, social interaction and harmony, fitness, focus and fun are all considerations and topics addressed through the curriculum for this class. Classes for this age student group are currently scheduled Monday through Thursday from 5:00pm – 6:00 pm.

The Teen/Adult Program caters to the individual goals set by participants whether they be developing self defense skills, fitness and exercise, attention and focus or stress relief. Our traditional martial arts training provides value and benefits for students from beginner to advanced on many levels. Training for the older students is scheduled from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Advanced students of all ages have scheduled training after these classes from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

The specific safety of women is addressed in our RAD Systems course of Women’s Basic Self Defense. The serious issues involving Rape Aggression Defense are addressed during our 12-hour intensive training program. The physical and emotional components of coping along with environmental awareness and evaluating risk are taught and discussed in a group setting. Seminar Courses are scheduled throughout the year.

For the concerns for general self defense we offer a Keychain Defense Training Course. The techniques and preparation to use them are taught in conjunction with overall self-defense awareness.

Lastly, our FUJI Fitness Circuit Training Center provides a means of exercise and focus on fitness through a ten-station circuit. Want to exercise but are limited on time? Our 30-minute training routines through the circuit stations provide total body work for all muscle groups to meet your goals whether they be to lose weight and inches, increase strength, relieve stress, burn fat or improve flexibility.


The goal of RSKD is to teach the techniques and philosophies of traditional Shotokan Karate and to provide its members a means to strengthen themselves both physically as well as mentally through training. The RSKD values strength of character and fosters, as well as promotes, the values of Courtesy, Respect and Effort.