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A membership to NEWMA opens numerous program possibilities for every family member.

Learn Discipline. Get Exercise. Build Relationships. Martial arts training has benefits for everyone both physically and mentally.


Join a martial arts gym in Rochester, NH that is fun for the whole family

Have you always wanted to learn self-defense techniques? Do you want your child to grow up with a sense of discipline? Put the electronics down and join a martial arts gym today. At New England Wellness And Martial Arts (NEWMA), we train students of all ages in a variety of disciplines.

Learn more about our training programs in Rochester, NH - call now!

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Rochester Shotokan Karate Dojo

Tradititional Karate Training For Children, Adults And Families

Gain Confidence, Self-Control, Inner Strength of Character in Rochester, NH

We train WARRIORS of all ages

NEWMA was developed as a one-stop center for safety and wellness programs where families can participate together and satisfy a range of differing interests.

Family members supporting a Rock Steady Boxer in their fight against Parkinson's disease can help manage their stress and anxiety with tai chi classes. Grandparents concerned about balance issues can strengthen themselves with tai chi practice, while children and grandchildren learn karate within the same facility.

A NEWMA membership provides access for all to each of our various programs, including:

Shotokan Karate Training

Shotokan Karate Training

Shotokan Karate Training

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Health & Safety Programs For Mind & Body

NEWMA Tai Chi can help you get centered

Why should you TRAIN with us?

We're not the only dojo in Rochester, NH, so what makes us stand out from the crowd? At NEWMA:

We offer training services to all ages and skill levels

Our low family rate makes it affordable for all in the family to participate

We have a team of passionate, experience instructors

Not sure if you want to commit to martial arts training yet? That's fine. Stop by our martial arts gym and try out any program for the first time free.

Rock Steady Boxing

Fighting Back Against Parkinson's Disease

Boxing classes in Rochester, NH can help reduce the progression of PD!

What Benefits does a NEWMA Membership provide?

Access to multiple programs - Enroll in one program and access the others without charge.

  • Discounted fees to any scheduled seminar program including CPR/First Aid Training and Certification, RAD Self defense for Women, Tai Chi Master Seminars, Karate Master Training Seminars, Personal Self Protection Training, Clinical Balance Improvement, Fall Prevention Courses, and more.
  • Discounts on ongoing program training fees