New England Wellness And Martial Arts

A Gym. A Dojo. A Sanctuary. A Community.

New England Wellness and Martial Arts, LLC (NEWMA) was established in 2016 by Steven Warren as an umbrella organization of Safety and Wellness Programs. With a passion for training and fitness, a certification as an athletic trainer, and 40 years teaching and program administration experience, Warren formalized a curriculum to serve the Rochester NH and Seacoast area. A low-cost affordable membership to NEWMA opens numerous possibilities for everyone's interest. There is something for every family member. Programs accessed with a NEWMA Membership include:

New England Wellness And Martial Arts
Rochester Shotokan Karate Dojo

A Dojo.

"Train the warrior inside at the Dojo that NEWMA provides."

Traditional karate martial arts training in the Shotokan style administered through the Rochester Shotokan Karate Dojo (RSKD) anchors the Fitness/Safety programming. Established in 1977, the program has provided karate training and a means to develop the participants mentally as well as physically to the citizens of Rochester and surrounding areas in the NEWMA Dojo (Martial Arts Gym). Karate classes are offered for all ages and abilities including our Tiny Tigers kids karate classes for age 4-6 years old.

A Gym.

"Regain and maintain fitness, balance and well-being at the Wellness Gym that NEWMA provides."

The powerful potential of the dormant volcano that is Mt. Fuji in Japan is the symbol used for our FUJI Fitness Circuit Training Center. Based upon HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, exercise techniques, the Fuji Fitness workout is a 30-minute duration collection of exercises using a circuit of 10 stations at which different aspects of training occur to targeted body parts. It is an awesome complete body fitness workout when one has limited time to invest.

The Health/Wellness programming at NEWMA was created from Steve Warren's 30-year experience in the healthcare industry where he developed an appreciation for clinical research efficacy data and using it for the basis for effective wellness activities.

Fuji Fitness Circuit Training Center

A Sanctuary.

"Overcome stress and calm the spirit and mind in the Sanctuary that NEWMA provides."

The founding program was NEWMA Tai Chi. With over thirty years Tai Chi experience between the two of them, Warren partnered with Andy Settle to create an evidence-based curriculum of Tai Chi martial arts training to provide a regular, year-round program for those wanting an on-going option for tai classes and practice in Rochester NH and the surrounding areas. The NEWMA Tai Chi Program is aligned with Dong Family Yang Style Tai Chi International Organization and has a direct lineage of support to China.

Other Programs

"Fighting Back Against Parkinson's Disease"

Another clinically researched, evidence-based program of wellness that NEWMA offers is Rock Steady Boxing classes at the NEWMA Rochester NH facility for those fighting Parkinson's Disease. Rock Steady Boxing enables people with Parkinson's disease to fight their disease by providing a non-contact boxing-style fitness program that improve their quality of life and sense of worth.

Rock Steady Boxing

Other Programs

"Tai Ji Quan"

Though Tai Chi training inherently improves one's balance and stability, both Steve and Andy are certified Instructors in Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance and MOB: Matter of Balance. Both programs are evidence-based specialty falls prevention programs to help people with balance problems.

Other Programs

"CPR/AED Training"

Finally, NEWMA is a Licensed Training Provider and offers regular and routine classes and certifications in Red Cross CPR and First Aid.

A Community

"Jump into the Crucible for positive change with like-minded members in the Community that NEWMA provides."

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NEWMA Membership Rates and Benefits

Annual Individual Membership Fee $45

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to multiple programs - Enroll in one program and access the others without charge.
  • Discounted fees to any scheduled seminar program including CPR/First Aid Training and Certification, RAD Self-defense for Women, Tai Chi Master Seminars, Karate Master Training Seminars, Personal Self Protection Training, Clinical Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention Courses, etc...
  • Discounts on ongoing program training fees
  • Discounts on program equipment and store merchandise